vmoto electric scooter

vmoto electric scooter

With extreme shortage of petrol in Nepal, demand for vehicle running on alternative energy has increased by a fold. Nepalese have shifted their attention toward two wheeler and four wheeler that runs via electricity. Nepalese market is heavily dominated by vehicles using petrol. If you are looking to make a switch from mechanical motorcycle to electric two-wheeler then read further to know about electric scooter available in Nepal. Are these expensive ? No, cost of these scooter starts from Rs1,11,000 to Rs225,000.

Vmoto electric scooter was launched back in March 2015 by Asta Auto, the sole distributor of Vmoto Emax International. Currently, there are four models available in the market; they are the V-90s, VX-90s, V5 and Bee.

vmoto electric scooter nepalAccording to information on Asta Auto, the V-90s & VX-90s are designed in Italy and manufactured with German Technology. The scooter boast top speed of 65Km/Hr and 90 Km range per one full charge. These two model possess characteristic features like regenerative brake, booster, and reverse functions which make this an unique riding experience. These models have front and rear disc brakes, projector headlamps, and Grip seat. Meanwhile V5 and BEE have top speed of 52 Km/Hr & 40Km/Hr and 60Km & 55Km respectively. The price ranges of these scooters start from NRs 1,24,000 to 2,25,000. As these scooters are very much powerful, that VMOTO will fill the gap between Electric bike and petrol bikes. As these scooters are powered by electric motors they need negligible service and maintenance compared to internal combustion engine.

The cheaper brand OREVA J500 Deluxe starts from NRs 1,10,000. Oreva J500 has top speed of 42km/hr and provides mileage of 55km in single charge. According information provided, it would take 8hrs to full charge and consume 1.5 unit of electricity i.e Rs 18 for full charge! For more information and trade inquiry visit official website http://www.asta-auto.com.np

vmoto v-90s