Uploading Photos in Facebook : Better and Faster .

http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_371/12362217141YY0m6.jpgMany people upload and share picture daily in Facebook. Many have a digital camera with resolution higher than 5 mega pixel.  Pictures taken by digital camera with high mega pixel have high-resolution and is large in size (4-5 MB or more). Uploading such picture takes time if your internet is not fast enough. In order to decrease its size you can decrease its resolution and upload. Here is the effective way for decreasing the resolution and size without much loss of quality. (more…)

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Guinness World Records introduces Facebook records.

Today no one is unaware of Facebook and it is probably world’s largest social networking site. Most of the bands,website,organizations have fan page on facebook. Because of popular demand , Guinness World Records have introduced records for facebook. GWR currently recognises seven records for Facebook . These are listed below, together with the minimum you’ll need to prove in order to apply for the record. (more…)