Google Cache Server now installed in Nepal

Google server NepalIn co-operation with Nepal Telecom Authority (NTC) ,search engine giant Google has installed cache server in Nepal. Telecom official speaking to Nagarik News (Nepal) revealed that the servers are still in testing phase and will be extended after successful testing in Nepal. Nearly after five months of continuous effort from NTC, the search engine giant has decided to install its servers in Nepal. (more…)


NTC to introduce iPhone 4 for Rs15000 in Nepal


iPhone 4 , NTC NepalAfter the failed attempt to bring Blackberry Mobile, largest telecommunication company of Nepal, NTC (Nepal Telecom Authority) is planning to introduce iPhone 4G for Rs15000 (200$). According to the source, Apple and NTC have already signed the agreement for this process and it may be available within this year. (more…)


NTC Hack : Increase Expiry Date in NTC SIM

I guess many of you have been using NTC pre-paid sim. NTC stops incoming and outgoing calls after you haven’t recharged your mobile after the expiry of the date. If you do not want to spend money and increase expiry date of your prepaid SIM follow these instructions: