Rebecca Black Jokes

rebecca black jokeRebecca Black is the current teen-pop star whose song was so horrible that it spread like a black plague over the internet after a month of it’s release.Here are some Rebecca Black Jokes shamelessly copied from internet and some are made up.. Lets start some Fun Fun Fun , (more…)


Some Dead Michael Jackson Jokes

9_funny_michael_jackson_your_next.jpg image by funkbutterHe might be dead, but he’ll always be the guy who has just as many jokes as Chuck Norris. Here are some Michael Jackson jokes with a sickening death twist to coincide with his sudden death at the age of 50. Fell free to share more jokes and accused him of being child molester. (more…)


Yahoo! Answers is a joke. I guess you know Yahoo! Answers. Those who don’t know it is a online community or forum like site where people can ask anything and probably get answers. Most of users have yahoo account use it to ask lots of question and some stupid and hilarious questions too. If you are over-bored or want some humor you can visit Yahoo! Answers and will probably find some funny questions and answers. Here are some funny and ridicules questions on Yahoo! Answers. (more…)