As websites are becoming an increasingly important part of your business mix, so are the tools one requires for the website. As much as getting out a website there on the internet is important, so are the tools that you choose for your website. Tools are decided by the nature of website they’re to be used for, and the reverse applies true as well; the kind of tools you use also defines the attractiveness, uniqueness and class of your website. These days, the generally adopted tools are WordPress, TextPattern etc but an important tool which has revolutionized the concept of online marketing is the Switch Banner Maker tool.

As digital communication has evolved, even online tools have developed considerably, and with a rapid pace. In order to develop a good communication with your prospective client who visits your website, it is really necessary to have a website which:

  • Is attractive and eye-catching
  • Is minimalistic
  • Conveys the most important news fast, in a couple of seconds so that the customer doesn’t get bored and leave the website.

The Switch Banner Maker tool is most certainly a tool which can satisfy all the above mentioned criteria. With this tool, you can make website banners to be used as really convincing tools of advertisement on your website. You can generate banners right from 2 up to 10 in number which will keep on changing like a flash animation, but without using flash! In fact, all you need to use is this simple tool available on

As you enter the website, there is an option to choose the number of banners you would like to make. Based on your preference, you can choose from 2 to 10. As you select the number of banners in the first option, the website will open an equal number of boxes for you to put your images for each banner. In case you don’t have the banner on your computer/laptop, you can copy and paste the URL too. This wonderful tool doesn’t end here. You can specify the length and width of the banner. This tool will resize your images accordingly. In order to make sure that the job is not left midway, you have an option to choose the color for buttons which specify the image number. Then there is an option for specifying the number of seconds each banner ad will appear, before the next one comes in.

After you are done, this website will generate a link of the banners which you can copy and paste on your own website or blog. Isn’t this the simplest tool to generate banner ads? Well, Switch Banner Maker works best with browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer offers little support for such tools and has a lot of trouble properly running such banners. If you’re wondering about the cost of this super cool online application, you will be in a surprise when we tell you that this tool is for free! Go; try out this wonderful online application which will be really beneficial for your website.

[alert style=”white”]  Guest post by Drek, admin / owner of online application site which helps you to make banners for your site on fly.  [/alert]