CloudFlare is a free & paid CDN and security focused website. CloudFlare claims to be a performance and security enhancement. At the DNS level, they intercept traffic and weed out the bad requests (i.e. spammers, unwanted bots, malicious IPs, and more) before they even get to your server. To get started with cloudflare you need to change you DNS setting. It take barely 5 minutes to get every thing done and is easy as well to add site.

After using cloudflare , speed of this site also increased and the CPU load and bandwidth uses also decreased by some amount Cloudflare also claims to reduce the spambot attacks, since I’m using disqus comment system instead of default comment system I get around 5-6 spam comments in average but now it is almost zero.

Additionally, they can insert Google Analytics tracking code . They can obfuscate email addresses to protect them from spammers. They cache your site’s resources around the world and are able to return the files directly from the cache server that is closest to the visitor.

I’m using free version and totally satisfied with it, there are paid plans available to with extra security features and performance boosts. You may start using cloudflare and see the result yourself. Since there is free version available there is nothing to loose.

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