Speed Up WordPress blog

Speed Up WordPress blog

turtle wordpress speed optimizationIt is important for webmaster to make their website load as fast as possible and save excessive use of bandwidth. Beside this speed optimization is also important for Google search engine ranking . If your blog is slow it is likely to make to the top of google search . Lets discuss about some possible ways to speed up wordpress blog using simple methods .

1. Plugins

W3 Total Cache has a whole different bag of tricks. It uses memcached, a memory-based cache, and as a result it seems to be faster than WP-Super-Cache. Beside this it compress html,javascripts and css without editing original files. W3 Total Cache has some support for CDNs that are accessible via FTP.  It will automatically upload your static files to your CDN, and update your web page code to the CDN automatically. 

It can do a lot of things, including:

  • Offloading static content to a CDN, if you have one.
  • Minifying and compressing your CSS and JavaScript files, and caching them in memory or disk.
  • Caching RSS in memory or disk.
  • Ensuring that browsers cache things, such as images, CSS and JavaScript on their end for future page loads.
  • Caching database objects in memory.

Remove useless plugins :

Activating lots of plugins can degrade the speed of your blog, you should remove the plugins that you don’t use. Try to keep the number of plugins activated 15 or less .

Find Plugins responsible for low performance :

You can use wordpress plugin named Debug Queries and see which plugin is causing the low performance and remove it . You would be able to find alternative plugin right in wordpress plugin directory.

2.Reduce HTTP calls

Try to get all files used in your blog from same location or specific CDN . If files are hosted in different location it will increase http calls resulting delaying of code.

3. Split long post into different pages

If your post is really long then you should split them into several parts , long post will take time to display and can cause frustration to viewers . In order to split your post in page you can use the following code in your post .


4.Optimized your theme for Performance

The theme made by developers is targeted to wide range of users and is supposed to use hooks. Too much hooks and php calls can decrease the speed .
First step is editing header.php of your blog, you can replace ,

xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" >


xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" dir="ltr">

Replace :
php bloginfo(name); ?>
To :
<title>Blog Name : Welcome to my blog</title>

Similarly you can reduce the the php calls in footer.php by removing call for sitename / homepage , wordpress version etc .

4.Make your site W3 Validate

Making your theme or site w3 validate is not an easy job , but you can try to minimize error as far as possible . Page with lots of error will take time to load . W3C Validator is good tool to validate your blog to standard .

5.Compress Images

Usually theme makers add high quality images , though it looks nice it can slow down your site. You can save lots of bandwidth and space by using Yahoo! Sumush.it Tool . There is not much change in quality but size of the image is comparatively less .

6.Compress CSS and Javascript.

The size of css and javascript used in the the theme can be reduced by using css compressor and javascript compressor . This can reduce the size of the css and js by more than 50% .

You can analyze the speed of your site using this service , be sure you keep all the back ups before going under any changes .

You can also you Cloudflare a free CDN for wordpress to boost up your site


Nepallica was started by Pritush and regularly updates this blog, beside Nepallica he also contributes to Nepalunderground.com. Connect with on Google+

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Lots of bloggers are using WordPress these days. WordPress itself is easy to use and very customizable and that's what makes it so interesting.

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Tips for speeding up any website

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