rebecca black joke

rebecca black jokeRebecca Black is the current teen-pop star whose song was so horrible that it spread like a black plague over the internet after a month of it’s release.Here are some Rebecca Black Jokes shamelessly copied from internet and some are made up.. Lets start some Fun Fun Fun , Background story… Rebecca Black is the teenage girl who recently became popular after release of song Friday, it was so horrible that it became viral over internet, people bought her song from iTunes just to criticize it as horrible and shit . Many people viewed here video in youtube just to put bad comment and some people have made 100 another accounts just to dislike it. This song and video was made by ARK Music Factory. Video was shot using iPhone & Windows Movie Maker was used to edit the video. All the lyrics and music of the song was written by the nigga who own ARK Music Factory (he also rap at the end). Currently Rebecca Black holds the Guinness World Record for most disliked video in Youtube, previous record holder was Justin Bieber. roses are red, violets are blue, if rebecca black wins any awards, kanye, you know what to do rebecca black didnt take the bus because she would have had a heart attack with all the seat options The only thing worse than Beiber fever is the Black plague. Rebecca black isn’t hated because she is famous, she is famous because she is hated. Rebecca, what comes after Sunday? I forget… Next song of Rebecca is Saturday sequel to song Friday. Rebecca said that her next song will be know as “LOL” with Usher on rap. According to Justin Bieber and Miley cyrus she is nice singer. Rebecca Black we don’t hate you because you’re famous, you’re famous because we hate you. I so excited. Rebecca doesn’t do verbs. Rebecca: OMG, only one seat left i don’t know where to sit. It’s Rebecca Black’s birthday today. Today she is 14, last year she was 13, next year she is 15, and 16 comes after that. Son: Dad! Rebecca Black was on my bus today . Dad: Really ? Son: Yes…. Dad: Which seat did she took ? Imagine Rebecca Black playing musical chairs. “Which seat should I take?” Rebecca Black: Haters see you later. Haters : ok, Call me if I forgot you.

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