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Thesis theme for wordpress is currently one of the popular framework theme for wordpress. Most of the wordpress site (almost all) has given it a good review and recommend to buy it. After a look at all those good reviews, I have also decided to try it.  The tag line of Thesis theme is “Run a Killer Website with thesis”, and include other various attractive tag lines such as, best SEO optimized wordpress theme, easy to use, etc. After using Thesis there for about 2-3 months, here is my unbiased review for theme and some reasons not to use it.

Thesis theme is really plain, its layout is clean. It has an advantage as it loads faster. However, a big disadvantage is, your site look like some site from early 2002 era. Definitely, there are lots of options on thesis theme to change color, size of font, location of sidebars and color of theme. This can be done even if you know some basic about html, css and php. Here is the screenshot of a killer site you get after installing thesis theme.

Killer Thesis Theme Website

This is a default layout you get after installing thesis, without further modifications. This looks different than the demo available in the original thesis site because this is not modified.

One of the things that thesis highlight is its powerful “SEO,” but it can be gained by installing plugins like “Yoast WordPress SEO” or “All in one SEO.” Functionality in thesis theme is also highlighted in a similar manner, but it is pretty useless because most of the functionality it offers can be obtained from free plugins available or simple modification in functions file. Though those functionalists sound attractive they have a bad catch as well. If you are using functionality of theme, you will lose all modifications, SEO meta-datas added by it when you change that theme.

Here I won’t talk much about the cost of thesis theme, child theme(if you have bought) and cost for thesis theme deployment (thesis services) etc.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use this theme as there are other good-looking free alternatives for thesis available. Most of the site giving a good review for thesis theme have affiliated link, since this site doesn’t have affiliate link, review is unbiased. I feel customizing theme (including code changes) is harder than modifying normal wordpress theme and to make a child theme you probably even have to learn how thesis works and know calls used in thesis theme instead of WordPress.

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Serge liatko
Serge liatko

Hi, nice review… thanks. Now I definately will stay with thesis for at least 3 years more… good luck in plugin quest.


The real advantage in using the Thesis theme is the ease by which it can be customized. There are plenty of themes out there that look GREAT but suffer from terribly organized code once you start prepping for customizations. Thesis is both well-organized and easy to modify due to the plethora of custom hooks that are available.  If you just do a basic install, what do you expect? Of course it’s ugly! A basic install of Thesis is like a skeletal frame on which you can build anything that you want. Other themes may look great out of the box,… Read more »


now a days most of the themes offers child theme function some free examples can be arras theme, theme hybrid, thematic etc. Even 2011 theme that comes with wordpress is good looking and supports child theme . In case of non-free theme woo themes, genisis theme work has good code and design. Default thesis look plain – no doubt about it. But the diy-themes website has written that without and knowledge about coding and seo stuff you can run killer website. Beside this we are soon putting up a list for free thesis themes alternative. summary of resons – Plain… Read more »


Good points made Pretush… I would like to mention something about WordPress SEO Plugin, and Canonical URLs (from same developer  – Yoast.com) I use these plugins as a first choice. Thesis needs some hacking to use these plugins to avoid duplicate meta and canonical links (tried it briefly on a client’s site needing custom canonicals). For designers and those of us who are able to skin and modify themes, Thesis may offer a good (expensive) foundation, but for any regular blogger, working outside of the built in functions is complicated… WordPress hooks are not something most bloggers will be able… Read more »

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