photo of jomsom muktinath mustang nepal

For those who don’t know, Mustang is one of the remote place of Nepal know for it’s challenging trek route and for it’s heavenly surreal beauty. Some of the popular places of Mustang are Jomsom, Kagbeni, Muktinath, etc. just to name few. The trek route of Jomsom-Muktinath is challenging as well as filled with surreal beauty. The places are cold and snowfall can be expected highly.

So, I went to Jomsom and walked the trek route of Jomsom-Kagbeni-Muktinath during late February. And during this time weather there is cold and snowfall is most probably. You can witness a foot of now in Muktinath area.

All these images are taken from Samsung NX 1000 camera, since I was new to photography stuffs, I didn’t knew about “Polaroid” filters and these images are taken without filter.. so images are somewhat mediocre, but look at these images you will know what Mustang is like. If you want to know how to reach there let me know via comment. Enjoy the photos and images of Mustang / Jomsong / Kagbeni / Muktinath Nepal.

photo of jomsom muktinath mustang nepal

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