Otushop.com enables sellers to start their online store with ease

Otushop.com enables sellers to start their online store with ease

In recent time with the increase of internet penetration, Nepal has seen a tremendous boom in eCommerce. With the wide use of social media like Facebook the number of people buying and selling online has been huge.

While most are limited to selling online via Facebook, a good number of people are taking it to next level by establishing their own website and brand identity. But having own website has not been easy. Especially due to lack of technical proficiency and high cost involved.

New marketplace OtuShop.com has enabled the process of having your own e-commerce store with all premium tools and option easy. Otushop is an open marketplace website which enables everyone to sell and buy. The provides all the option for the seller to manage their store and communicate with buyer – without being dependent on the third party.

To start selling all you need to do is open the homepage of OtuShop Marketplace, signup (using email or social media profile) and start selling. You will have a ready made shop within few minutes.

They have also put together a guide on how to get started and how to start selling online. You will be in total control of your store and pricing decision for your products and shop. You can manage stock, charge certain shipping charge and even message buyers or another seller. The social functionality has enabled the Facebook like social networking functions such as following users, messaging, updating status like in Facebook and activity feed to keep you updated about the site activity.

The store locator used GPS to find sellers near the buyer. This has integrated the hyper-local concept of e-commerce and made shopping much more efficient and easy. The user can enable GPS in their device to improve the accuracy of location detector. The Geo-location feature makes sure you get the service from vendors near you. Thus, improving delivery and communication process.

Otushop is open for both buyers and seller. You can signup for an account and start online shopping in Nepal.



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