ntc data card high speed internet

ntc data card high speed internet Nepal Telecom (NT) is all set to introduce high-speed 3.4Mbps internet service through its new product—3G data service from May 3.  The service will be available in Kathmandu, Banepa and Pokhara in first phase of roll out. According to NTC , the charge for the data use has been fixed at Rs 0.15 per 100kb (Rs 1.50 for 1Mb).

“We will start distributing 3G data card for customers needing high-speed internet facility for their laptops or desktops,” said Surendra  Thike, deputy managing director and spokesperson for NT. He said the data card will cost Rs 300 where subscribers will get a balance of Rs 100. However, subscribers have to buy USB adapters from the market.

According to him, subscribers will be able to recharge their account easily through recharge cards available in the market. There is no limit for data use as it run on pay as you go model.

For customers of Kathmandu and Banepa, NT will distribute the cards from NT’s Tripureshwor and Pulchowk offices, respectively. NTC is planning to expand the service in other parts of the country soon.

Comparison between NTC data card service and NCell Connect.

  • NTC Data service cost Rs1.50 per Mb where as NCell Connect cost Rs1 per Mb for 500Mb , the price decreases to Rs0.9 per MB and Rs0.8 per MB as per the package chosen, but charges Rs2 per Mb if additional data is used. So NCell can be considered cheaper.
  • Though speed of internet may vary according to the location of user the maximum speed given by NCell and of NTC is same .
  • NTC has been often criticized about its degrading network coverage so it’s efficiency can be questioned .