iPhone 4 , NTC Nepal


iPhone 4 , NTC NepalAfter the failed attempt to bring Blackberry Mobile, largest telecommunication company of Nepal, NTC (Nepal Telecom Authority) is planning to introduce iPhone 4G for Rs15000 (200$). According to the source, Apple and NTC have already signed the agreement for this process and it may be available within this year.

Due to high price of 16GB and 32GB iPhone , iPhone 4 with 8GB memory will be introduced by NTC for its customers. Some weeks ago Apple have announced that they will be introducing iPhone with less memory for developing countries to increase its market share. Currently private company NCell have larger customer in mobile service in comparison to NTC and this might the strategic move by NTC to make its service popular once again.

To get a iPhone , subscriber have to sign a 2year contract with NTC and pay Rs15000. NTC will be selling this iPhone with lock system so that SIM of other network beside NTC cannot be used in it.

Currently the price of iPhone 4 16GB is Rs55000+ in Nepali market , Rs 15000 for iPhone will definitely attract large amount of subscribers and this will also increase the market share of Apple iPhone & iOS in Nepal.

Apple iPhone is already a popular smart-phone and dream gadget among the youngsters and I am pretty sure that this partnership will work pretty well.

Source: Nagarik News

Update : According to Nagarik News due to some case filed against NTC in court the process of bringing iPhone in Nepal is in hiatus.

Ncell has successfully launched Samsung Galaxy in Nepal.