NTC spamming with misleading ad SMS

NTC spamming with misleading ad SMS

NTC (Nepal Telecom Corporation) one of the largest telecommunication company in Nepal is spamming its users with misleading ads to promote it Buzz Voice chat service. It is not bad to send few sms to its subscribers telling about the newly launched services, but NTC Buzz is using misleading SMS ad to gain users. Here are few SMS I got from NTC Buzz.

Manko kura share garnalai aafu jastai sathi banaunus. Voice chat subscribe garnus ra sathiharu ko duniyama ramaunush. Dail 1608 Charges: Rs 20/month , Rs 3/min

This SMS is ok, though it contains no information about how to cancel your subscription. Neither there is any information on how to unsubscribe in their website.

The next two SMS I got from them are utter bullshit and can be categorized as spam and misleading advertisement.

Hi… Ma Nikita sanga kura garna lai ra malai sathi banauna lai dail garnus 1608 ra mero chat ID: 100061 halnuhos.
Charges: Rs 3 per min.

Hi… Ma Nagma sanga kura garna lai ra malai sathi banauna lai dail garnus 1608 ra mero chat ID: 100061 halnuhos.
Charges: Rs 3 per min.

This kind of misleading advertisement methods are used in adult websites to attract new signups. It seems like company like NTC is also following same step to get new users.

Example of misleading / false advertisement

After getting those SMS, I decided to test it. They deducted Rs10+ for 2:15 minutes + Rs20 for subscription and there was no girl named Nagma or Nikita nor any user. By the way, who will spend Rs3 per minute for a chat, unless that person is unaware about the existence of the internet.

I suggest everyone to stay away from this kind of craps, as there is no mention about cancelling subscription, they will probably continue to deduct subscription charge even if you haven’t used it. I tried sending mail to [email protected] as present in their official website but email was not deleivered as that mailing address was not configured. One of my friend once subscribed to “Misses called alert” service, he was charged for months and no mention regarding how to cancel it was provided.

Some of their other services are ,
Missed called alert : They assumed people mobile don’t have call logs.
Music on demand : For people who don’t have a mobile that can play mp3 neither they know existence of internet, computer, mp3 players etc. Pay Rs 3 per minuter and listen song.


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Rajmeej Poudel
Rajmeej Poudel

thanks for info dude..

Binod Pariyar
Binod Pariyar

mero ta haaba ma rs20 charge re

yo company ma complaint garna mildai na ?????