Nope! Facebook activism won’t bring any change in Nepal

facebook activismPolitics and activism is one of the popular things in Nepali Facebook users (I believe Facebook activism is popular among foreign Facebook users as well). And there are some groups like NepalUnites, Come on youth stand up, etc. in Facebook, which particularly focuses on Facebook activism. They even organized some campaign via  Facebook which was moderately popular and some mainstream media also covered it. There is no problem in people organizing these types of peaceful campaign but the problem, here is: “it merely brings any change.” If you participate in these types of activism, it does make you look like intellectual and aware citizen of nation, but it won’t bring any change. Below, I have elaborated some reasons “Why Facebook activism won’t bring a single change.”

I don’t know exactly since when Facebook activism increased among the Nepali Facebook users, though I assume it was after period of Nepali constituent assembly was lengthened for addition 1year. NepalUnites started a campaign called “ज्याला पुरा लियौ , अब सम्भिधान देउ”, and same slogan was used by NepalUnite for around two years to “pressurize'” the government for drafting constitution. Mainsteam media like Kantipur, Annapurna Post, etc. covered it , some popular public figures of Nepal were also seen with flyer “ज्याला पुरा लियौ , अब सम्भिधान देउ” in their hand. Some months back they conducted a month long “pressure” campaign from Baisakh 14 to Jeshta 14 with the new slogan “welcome to new constitution” – sad for us Nepali and NepalUnites “Constitution Assembly of Nepal” collapsed without drafting new constitution.  This reason is already enough to show that “Facebook Activism” is failing miserably.

Popular Nepali Blogger Lex Limbu once organized a protest outside Nepal Embassy in UK. Same kind of protest was organized by Nepali living in US. This is probably the stupidest thing Facebook activism has resulted; function of an embassy is not to draft constitution.

Recent activism was “changing last name to Nepali,” the aim of this was to protest against “Ethnic Federalism” and to “pressurize” constituent assembly not to choose “Ethnic Federalism.” This fad ended with the demise of “constituent assembly.”

Group called NepalUnites is usually active in cleaning programs, they cleaned Bagmati, and Kanti Hospital. The activities seems good but who is cleaning it now? and Bagmati is a river where drainage of whole city mixed.  Facebook protest might have worked if all politicians had Facebook profile and they were sensitive about their reputation.   Sadly, they don’t care about their reputation – online or offline.

People try to show that “they care” even tough they don’t, and this is the fuel of baseless Facebook activism. Liking or sharing some picture or changing your profile picture/ Facebook name won’t bring any change. You may say, it is better to do something then doing nothing, but I think it is better to do nothing then doing things that are not bringing any result. You still think it is effective ? name one activism that actually brought change.

Quick Fact : There are approximately 11lakh Nepali Facebook user, ignoring 1lakh fake accounts and 1lakh inactive profiles there might be around 9lakh active profile. The population of Nepal in 2.8 corore.

Facebook/twitter is not a credible source of news, the cause you though was legit might be some work of fiction.

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