signature nepali movie

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signature nepali movie

Signature is the upcoming Nepali movie produced under the banner of the Creative Manakamana Films Private Limited. According to the signature team, the movie is based on true story and has labeled itself as a realistic movie. The movie is scripted and directed by the Mr. Sagar Udgam.

The movie is completed and is ready to be released. Promotion and marketing of the movie were started from Facebook; they are also working on the official website of the movie –

Signature movie : as defined by the Signature team

SIGNATURE is an issue-based realistic movie presented by Creative Manakamana Films Pvt. Ltd. Its concept-maker, script-writer and director, is Mr. Sagar Udgam. The movie is our own story, our own voice and our own reality. Its presentation has marked originality, typical language and unique style. It is a formidable face of our own neighborhood. It is our movie, a truly Nepali movie.

The protagonist, an unpredictable personality, plays a riveting role, from the opening well to the end of the movie. His nature and needs invite other characters with a brilliant role of his or her own. All, however, contribute to the central theme of signature.

You can catch up the movie updates via their official Signature Movie Facebook Page. It is said that, quality of movie is shown by it’s poster and poster of the movie looks up-to the standard and promising.

Prakash Subedi
Bamdev Bhattarai
Sagar Udgam
Ramesh Baba Nepal

Binod Paudel
Sandip Chhetri
Jibansathi Basnet
Nirnaya Shrestha
Sarita Giri
Namrata Sapkota
Amrita Thapaliya
Saurav Singh