Nepal’s No.1  Leading Telecommunications Nepal Telecom (NTC) giving various schemes  and offers on the festive season 2012 as in previous year.Nepal Telecom announces various discount schemes offer in International calls ,unlimited Adsl Internet Service ,sms service for limited Validity Period for users.

See the  details schemes  from NT below

SN Service Festival Offer Validity Period
1 GSM/CDMA 50% discount for SMS sent within Company’s Network from 2069-06-29
to 2069-08-05
2 GSM Post-paid Mobile 10% Discount on Total Bill Amount 2069 Kartik
make 100% use of your Credit Limit from 2069-07-01
to 2069-08-30
3 GSM Pre-paid Mobile 10% Bonus in Call Charge
Bonus Amount will be provided on 2069-08-05
Bonus Amount will be valid for 2 months
from 2069-06-30
to 2069-08-04
4 GSM 3G Pre-paid, 3G Data Card and CDMA EVDO RUIM Subscription Charge Rs. 200/- only
(Rs. 100/- worth Talk Time/Data Usage)
from 2069-07-01
to 2069-08-30
5 PSTN/ C-Phone Fixed (Post-paid) Extra 50 Calls Free in Monthly Charge Rs. 200/-
Total 225 free calls
2069 Kartik
6 CDMA Data (PDSN/EVDO) Service Total of 100 MB Free from 2069-06-29
to 2069-08-04
7 ADSL Internet Service Dashain Festive Offer
ADSL Accounts expiring between time period 2069-06-28 and 2069-07-13 shall be made active till 2069-07-14Tihar/ Chhath Festive Offer
ADSL Accounts expiring between time period 2069-07-27 and 2069-08-04 shall be made active till 2069-08-05
8 International Call
(using Access code 1424)
Rupees per Minute
Australia Rs. 7.75 from 2069-07-01
to 2069-08-30
China, Hongkong Rs. 3.00
Bangladesh Rs. 4.00
Kuwait, Baharain Rs. 8.00