Google+ sucks

Google+ sucks
The picture above shows what my experience was on Google+, unlike all other reviews on G+, I have to say Google+ sucks. I managed to get around 16-17 friends (friends, I personally know) on Google+ and followed some people like Tom Anderson and other. The people I followed on G+ usually write same things in their every post i.e how awesome Google+ is, how shit Facebook is and how badly Facebook is going to fall upon mighty Google+. Myspace Tom ( G+ Tom ) tops the list of Google+ fanboys. His profile is filled with that, probably he is hired by Google for promotion :P.

Google+ is basically a mixture of Facebook + Twitter + Tumblr and UI is similar to Facebook .

In my opinion, the model of Google+ is too complicated to be understood by a person who is less geeky and haven’t used twitter and tumblr. Besides this, the idea of +1 is totally geeky, geeks in online forums has been writing, “+1” to support a post or saying since long time.

There is age restriction – only 18+ can join Google+ (though it is not an adult site), and the profile link is long as hell,  like, even if they give username, profile link would still look long or could have been a nice domain name for it, but google preferred to use the sub-domain.
Facebook is not just about friends ,People use it to set up page for business, website, groups, follow brands, artists, etc., and some have lots of members (in millions), they won’t be leaving that for some extra feature in G+ (if there is any). Besides this it is in “invitation only” mode & probably last for another 6months until it goes public. Getting 750million+ off from some established social website that continues evolving is not an easy task. There are already lots of social-networking sites and yet another social-networking site doesn’t create WOW among the users.

Besides this you cann’t write on other’s wall like in Facebook even you both follow each other. Messaging & chat system is worst in Google+, messaging in G+ mean sending email to gmail and chatting. In fact, Google+ is actually re-designed Google Profiles (, open the url & you will be redirected to Google+.

Google+ has been able to get lots of attention from Facebook haters, Google Fanboys and media that loves to overrate things. They had once given positive, optimistic reviews to Google Buzz and Google Wave calling these as the revolutionary and game changer but ultimately failed.

Mark Zuckerberg knows why Myspace failed. As soon as Google put some interesting or good features, Facebook will immediately copy it.

It is now public, signup if you want. Also read, Is Google+ next myspace ?