of the designer put MSPaint in the category of the worst tool for making design, and I guess most of them do not use it now. Some people have already posted blog entries and made some Facebook group with title ” MSPaint Sucks” . However, if they look at these master pieces, they will probably say this is not made in MSPaint or delete their blog post and Facebook group. Here are some pictures made in MSPaint that will blow up your mind.
These images are made by artist named Stanley Moore, some more of his creations can be viewed at here or here.

This 2.3×2.5 meter image,  is created by a 15-year-old Youtube user named scorpiongold in MS Paint. According to him it took 4 years to complete this image. You can see the video displaying the various details on the image here.

Diamonster (from deviantART) proves that MS Paint is more than just a lame excuse for a photo editing program, by creating this masterpiece.

After looking at these pictures most will realize of the capacity of MS Paint and start looking for tutorial. If you find some more masterpieces feel free to post it in comment below.