wordpress gallery
Nextgen Gallery is one of the popular wordpress plugin for picture gallery. This was probably the best plugin available few years back. But WordPress introduced it’s own picture gallery that comes default with installation in version 3.x. So I decided to convert Nextgen Gallery to default WordPress gallery. The native gallery fulfilled my need and used less resources in comparison to Nextgen.

Besides these it was maintained properly , doesn’t creates its own file structure and completely blend with wordpress installation. After searching around I finally found a plugin that worked. It is called Escape NextGen Gallery and is available on github.

The plugin is not fully developed, but does the basic job to migrate Nextgen Gallery to default wordpress Gallery.

Steps to Convert Nextgen Gallery to default WordPress

1. Head over to Github and download Escape NextGen Gallery (escape-ngg.php). Put it in a folder, make a zip file and upload the plugin.
2. After upload has finised, activate the plugin.
3. Now go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin/?escape_ngg_please=1. This will convert all existing galleries to native wordpress one.

After it is done you can delete delete the gallery dir, deactivate plugin and delete the wp_ngg_* tables in your database.

Important : Besure to keep backup !!