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Methods to make the mobile version of your site easily


The number of mobile internet users are increasing day by day after
the introduction of smart phone like iPhone, Andriod Phone, etc. It is
necessary to have the mobile version of your site so that mobile user
also can visit your site with ease. Here are some easy methods to make
the mobile version of your site.

1. Mobify

Mobify allows you to create a mobile version of your website through
user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). Setup is a easy &
fast, and you can have your very own mobile site in minutes.

Mobify also has the Mobile
platform that’s geared specifically toward e-stores for
the mobile web.

Mobify runs on a freemium model, its free version includes the
option for a custom domain (such as m.yourwebsite.com). The paid plans
start at $249 per month and include features such as the removal of the
Mobify logo on your mobile site, mobile analytics for reporting site
traffic stats etc.

2. Wirenode

Wirenode is used by elite companies such as Ford, Nokia and Reebok,
a mobile website generator that has helped more than 50,000 websites
create mobile-device-friendly versions of their sites.

Its free plan has a user-friendly editor for designing your mobile
site, free hosting for up to three mobile sites, website statistics
reporting, and more. The paid plans start at 15 Euros per month, with
upgrades such as support for custom domains and the removal of Wirenode

3. Mippin Mobilizer

This site is really eaqsy to use, all you have to do is enter your
site’s RSS feed URL, configure some options, sign up for an account,
install some code on your site, and you’re done! As you set up your
mobile site, it has a live preview on the right-hand-side so that you
can see the progression of your site’s design as you configure it.

4. Onbile

Onbile promises that you can have a mobile version of your site in
five minutes or less. It delivers this promise by giving you an
intuitive user interface for constructing your mobile site and a
custom-generated script to paste into your index page so that when
mobile device users visit your site, they are redirected to the mobile
version. You can select one of 13 customizable templates as a starting
point for your mobile site design.

5. Winksite

If you’re lookinf for creating an online community site for mobile
users, check out Winksite, a web app for building a mobile community.

It even generates your very own QR code, a two-dimensional code
readable by mobile devices with QR scanners and used to automatically
pull up text, photos, videos, music and URLs. You can print your QR
code on your business card, print ads and other branding materials, and
when mobile users want to visit your mobile site, they just need to use
their mobile device cameras to scan the QR code.

If you would like to generate a QR code without having to use
Winksite, check out this free web-based tool called QR-Code Generator.

6. MobilePress

MobilePress is a WordPress plugins for automatically generating a
mobile version of your website. MobilePress ease creating a mobile
theme for your WordPress-powered site. Another WordPress plugin to look
out is WordPress Mobile Edition.

7. iWebKit

iWebKit is a simple framework for creating your own iPhone/iPod
touch apps.

iWebKit can be used by anyone, even without knowledge of HTML, it
isn’t as user-friendly as the other tools mentioned above and requires
that you download and install the app as well as read the user
. But for a small time investment (no cash needed, the
iWebKit framework is free), you can have your very own iPhone app just
like the big kids.


Testing & Evaluating your mobile version

Once you use one of the tools above and have your very own mobile
version of your main site, it’s a good practice to ensure that
everything’s in order. Here are additional tools and resources for
testing and evaluating your new mobile website.

  • mobiReady – This tool will test
    your site for dotMobi compliance and W3C mobileOK compliance, sets of
    mobile website standards that ensure an optimal and accessible
    mobile-site user experience. It also looks for errors and gives you a
    user-friendly report of any errors discovered. It’s easy to use — just
    plug in the URL of your mobile site.
  • W3C mobileOK Checker – W3C has an official tool for
    checking a mobile site’s “mobile-friendliness”.
  • iPad
    – Don’t have an iPad? That’s quite alright, you can still see
    how your mobile site looks through the popular Apple mobile device
    using this tool that emulates what people see on the iPad.
  • Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 – W3C, the standards
    body for many of the web’s technologies (such as CSS, HTML and
    JavaScript), has a document that outlines mobile web best practices.
    This is aimed at web developers and can be a pretty dry read, but it’s
    worth a few moments to read and look over it.
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