Mathematical model in Labview Tutorial Step By Step (Beginners)

Labview is one of the best simulation software. There are many purpose of using Labview. TO develop mathematical model, It is quietly used. The tutorial below is will help you to build mathematical model for Air Heater System using PID Controller.

A simple mathematical model of the system could be:

mathematical model labview where,

u [V] is the control signal to the heater.

θt [s] is time-constant.

Kh [deg C / V] is heater gain.

θd [s] is time-delay representing air transportation and sluggishness in the heater.

Tenv is the environmental (room) temperature. It is the temperature in the outlet air of the air tube when the control signal to the heater has been set to zero for relatively long time (some minutes).

 In a simulator based on this model a proper initial value of Tout should be added. This initial value is applied to the integrator in a block diagram representation of the model.

 Note! You can adjust the parameters (θt, Kh, θd, Tenv) of the model by some simple experiments where you run the simulator in parallel with the real process.

Credit: Telemark University College.

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