curosity marsWhen NASA’s Curiosity robot laded on Mars it marked a significant achievement in history. Mars mission is a billion dolor project. But is Mars mission significant considering the fact that Mars is a barren-land with no possibilities of sustaining human life.

What will people benefit by studying the Mars ? May be we will know few things; that Mars was like this, is like that and will be like that.
Possibilities of life in Mars is almost  0. The gravity of Mars is almost 3 times less than of Earth, and human body cannot adjust with change of gravity for long period of time in Mars. This is just of the factor besides cosmic radiation, unstable atmosphere in Mars.

Even if people started going to Mars a tourist only it would cost million dolor beyond capacity of normal human.

Rather than spending money in space project, they should have spend that money to make life better on earth. They could have made efficient electric car, find cure for disease like AIDS, cancer etc. There is no answer on what you will get or what you got from this Mars mission.