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Magical Gadgets from the House of Sony


Among the largest multinational conglomerate corporations working around the world, Sony emerges as one of the most widespread and successful one. The parent company – Sony Corporation – runs multiple groups. Electronics, motion pictures and music are its popular groups and have given the world a perfect Sony ecosystem to enjoy. It was its sheer success that put it in the Future Global 500 Companies, as per the Wikipedia knowledge. Besides numerous electronic appliances like Televisions, Audio systems, Cameras and much more, the company also produces some of the exceptional gadgets that help people get along with their lives quite conveniently.

As we are all aware that with the arrival of latest technology, the mode of buying and selling has also gone widely transformed. Instead of visiting the shop physically, one can peep into the online shopping centres’ websites to get to know about the required gadget’s features. Shops and online marketplaces like Kaymu have special corners for gadgets that are useful in everyday lives. Here is our list of excellent gadgets from the house of Sony that you should try out as soon as possible.

Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers are undoubtedly an essential part of our lives. But nobody can carry the entire audio system with oneself, so the use of Bluetooth speakers is inevitable. The Ultra Bluetooth Speakers that come in wide variety of colours and sizes are the ultimate thing for you to buy. Very lightweight and easily adjustable.

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

And then there is Bluetooth Boombox with NFC, which as per Sony portal, gives 20 watts of portable, 2.1 channel audio.

Car & Marine Speakers and Amplifiers

What is that ride without a proper sound beat in the background? There is no fun in cruising in your cars without having a proper sound system. Sony has aptly solve this problem for many. The two-way marine speakers are ideal for your four-wheeler. Its features include “6.5″ 2-way speakers, water-resistant IPx5 certified design, UV and salt resistant, removable grille, 160W peak, ferrite magnets”. Nothing could beat this set of features for your car.

Car & Marine Speakers and Amplifiers

Besides this Sony has a number of other models at its disposal as well. The GS series two-way speakers. For a further variety of exciting and latest speakers, Kaymu is an excellent place to check these out.

Smart Watches and Smart Bands

Well, it is no surprise that in today’s modern and smart world, every item is supposed to be smart. Otherwise it will have no traction among the public. It’s the time to follow all of your endeavors in a fun way and quickly. Sony’s smartwatch gives you the features that are fun and informative. Smartwatches operate on Android, connects you with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Hence, everything in your each without stooping unnecessarily.

Sony Smart Watch

And then there are numerous smartbands that help you maintain a check on your exercises etc. No doubt having one of these gadgets or ideally all of them can revolutionize your life totally.

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