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lady gaga funny

lady gaga funnyYou all know weirdo , fashion whore Lady Gaga , lets crack up some new lady gaga jokes .  All these jokes are ruthless toward singer lady gaga and biggest joke is lady gaga herself who always try to show the world how weird she is and how stupid she can act to gain media attention . So without any further here are some jokes for fashion whore/ fame whore lady gaga.

Lady Gaga’s code decoded,
Little monster = Her little penis
Monster ball = Her testicle

Yo , Gaga , I’m Happy for you , I’mma let you finish , but you are the weirdest person i have seen after Micheal Jackson.

Q:: How to get the attention of Lady Gaga ?
A:: Poke Her Face

Lady GaGa must have a stuttering problem..Ale-alejandro, Po-po-po-pokerface,Papa-Paparazzi, Te-te-te-telephone…

Q::Why did Lady Gaga win so many awards?
A:: Because she’s eligible for the male and female categories.

Q:: How do you entertain Lady Gaga?
A:: …. Just Dance

Lady GaGa Showed Philadelphia Her Vagina to make them know that her sex transplant was successful .

Q: Where does Lady Gaga keep her cloth ?
A: In refrigerator .

Q:What hurts more – period pain or a kick in the balls?
A:Lets ask Lady Gaga! :/

Q:what does lady gaga call hitler?
A:papa nazi

Justin Bieber is asking for balls with Lady Gaga.

Q:: Whats that little monster lady Gaga is talking of ?
A:: oh .. she is talking of her penis

Man robs bank in clown pants, fake breasts and blonde wig ,
primary suspect is Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga showed up to the VMAs wearing a dress made of real meat. Chefs near there almost cooked her for dinner.

I am not a man, Lady GaGa angrily told the press today . I don’t know how those rumors got started in the first place ? I do not have a penis and testicles . I had those things cut-off years ago !

There is a rumor that Lady GaGa dressed as a man for an upcoming photo layout in a Japanese magazine. I believe the rumor is true. GaGa certainly has the balls to do it.

Q:: Why lady Gaga is sad ?
A:: Because she had bad romance

God created Justin Bieber with no balls and Lady Gaga with 2 extra balls.

Lady Gaga claims to be celibate , she have both penis and vagina so she can fuck with herself and reproduce why marry .

During her late days , lady gaga used to be stripper, a male stripper.

Lady Gaga admitted that she does cocaine. Not really surprising news. What is surprising? She snorts it off her penis.

The next album of Lady Gaga is “The Fame Whore” .

Lady Gaga doesn’t have penis nor balls , she have removed it years ago.

Lady Gaga is encouraging her fans to be celibate. Not fair, not all of us can reproduce asexually like you .

Lady gaga is wearing meat dress so that she can fatten up.

Q:: Why did chicken cross the road ?
A:: Because lady gaga scared the shit out of the chicken.

Q:: Why did cow crossed the road ?
A:: cause it doesn’t want to be cloth for lady gaga.

Kanye West should have interrupted Lady Gaga’s speech and put us away from misery .

Lady Gaga will be wearing the cloth made off of leaves , because she have turned to vegetarian.

What that smelling like shit ? It’s lady gaga’s cloth she haven’t changed her meat cloth since 5 days.

what do you do if you see lady gaga? poke her face!!!

why did lady gaga go out with justin b? because it was the only person that would go out with her!!!

In a recent interview Lady Gaga said she is born this way , i.e with penis and vagina.

Lady Gaga in Wonder Land

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