Kenton Cool, 1st man to tweet from Mount Everest

Kenton Cool, 1st man to tweet from Mount Everest

mt-everest-1st-tweet-mount-everest-first-tweet-kent-cool-photo-picBritish mountain climber Kenton Cool became the first man to tweet from Mt. Everest. His expense was sponsored by Samsung , he twitted the first tweet from Mount Everest in reply to @SamsungUK using Samsumg Galaxy S II smartphone . Cool reached the summit on May 6, Friday .

3G coverage on summit of Mount Everest was made possible by Nepal based carrier company NCell which installed first 3G station at Everest’s base camp on October 2010 .  Recently NCell has become the leading mobile carrier company in Nepal. Kent Cool has climbed Mount Everest 8 times before this and is also widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s most successful climber.

Mont Everest located in Nepal is the world’s highest mountain at 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level .


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