Justin Bieber oooo

Justin Bieber ooooYou know teen star Justin Bieber , he have millions of followers in twitter and Facebook and in other hand he also have million (or less) haters too. Facebook pages like “Justin Bieber is gay” , “Justin Bieber Sucks” , “Justin Bieber was molested by Micheal Jackson” and Justin Bieber jokes, must have been pretty hard on him, that he recently tweeted special,VIP tweet for his millions of haters.

Justin Bieber tweeted,

hate is a funny thing. cant really let it get 2 u. just need 2 laugh and let it entertain u. it’s actually pretty funny that way. HI HATERZ.

Now I understood why all JB fans use to write words like LOL , ROFL, cuzzz , haterz , OMG OMG!!! .. This tweet message was repeatedly tweeted by large number of teen girls , even by teen star “Miley Cyrus”.

Justin bieber tweets

It seems like his facebook page and twitter page is maintained by himself not his record label . All you haters should be sorry to Justin Bieber, she is infact really sensitive :P.