jindabaad-plastic-heart-ep-album-artJindabaad , the Art Rock band from Kathmandu have recently released much awaited album Plastic Heart EP . Plastic Heart EP is an independent release by Jindabaad and was recorded in REC Studio . The album contains 6 tracks and was released on January 22 , 2011 . The EP is available for purchase at venues and iTunes.

Track Listing:

  • Shades of You (06.02)
  • Preset (05:06)
  • Rewind (04:00)
  • Bfm (06:29)
  • Spoilin (06:02)
  • inmotion (04:55)

Jindabaad's Plastic Heart Ep Release Gig

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Download Album

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post-altArt Rock/metal

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