Google+ sucks -1

Google+ sucks -1When Google introduced it’s social-networking site Google+ back in July as “invitation-only site” it stormed the internet, various websites and media began writing positive comments about Google+. They definitely hyped the general people about Google+ and how much better it is in comparison to Facebook.

When Google+ was opened for public in September 20th, its traffic skyrocketed to peak level (about 1200%, increase in traffic)and continued at the similar level for some days and eventually decreased.

Google traffic index

Lots of big sites/journalists described Google+ as Facebook killer, Twitter killer and predicted to make Facebook “next Myspace” but now it seems like their prediction is failing just like Google+. Some sites have reported that even insiders of Google don’t use Google+, why should we?. If it continues, Google is definitely going to be “next Myspace“.

Social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace started from ground level and gradually became popular unlike Google+, which received much more attention from almost all media.

I don’t know why it received so many positive comments, but after using it for sometime I immediately thought – this sucks, and I have also written a post “Google+ sucks“. Maybe it was “paid journalism” thing that got it positive comments and praising.