Is Apple iPhone 5’s New Retina Display the Best Smartphone Display?


Apple developers have always focused on both hardware and software standards of their devices and for this reason, they are trying their best to entertain their valuable customers in all respects i.e. reliability, maintenance, efficiency, and usability. iPhone 5 is the most demanded product of Apple these days. Several reasons are behind this fact but one of the most crucial factors of its prominence is its quality. As far as retina display of iPhone 5 is concerned, discussion over here would prove that it is not just bigger, but it is also the right gadget for all.

1. Larger Display with More Content:

It is not necessary that larger display will facilitate you with best usability. It may annoy you as well. However, iPhone 5 has introduced a 4-inch retina display, which is bigger in size and rightly designed. Though, it is of same size as of iPhone 4S was, yet you can perform all one-hand activities like typing. In addition to this, large screen will let you view more content on a web page, email inbox, events on calendar, and many other applications on your home screen with ease.

2. Larger Retina Display with More Quality Pixels

Its highest pixel density i.e. 326 pixels per inch deceives your eyes and you are unable to detect pixels individually. Colors, pixels, screen size, and almost everything have a maximum boost as compared to previous iPhone versions of Apple. Therefore, iPhone 5 provides you an easy-to-feel look and attractive display for reading, playing games, watching movies, pictures, camera, and all such major entertainment activities.

3. Improved Camera with Better Audio and Video Facilities:

iPhone 5 has 8 megapixels camera, which comprises of both video and audio facilities along with three microphones. A noise-cancellation earpiece is provided for any noise interference. These microphones eventually help users to create videos, making FaceTime calls, and lots of other handy tasks.

4. More Accuracy in Display:

iPhone 5 offers 44% more color saturation than old iPhone versions, which is an attractive feature for iPhone lovers. It also offers accuracy in colors, and facilitates the users with best picture quality, and perfect movie displays.

5. Improved LCD Display:

An improved resolution of 1136X640 pixels is in an iPhone 5 to facilitate the users. The best thing is that the display is totally based on IPS LCD technology along with LED. Screen format is changed to 16:9 now with the diagonal display of 4 inches.

6. Windscreen Display:

iPhone 5 display, which is longer but not wider, ensures perfect grip in hand of users. Electronic Arts have now collaborated with Apple for game playing, and for this purpose, Apple has introduced an A6 processor chip, which is faster in processing as well as in graphics. Apple promised for better usability and compatibility for gaming on this gadget. Moreover, it has also provided users an opportunity to enjoy best platform for watching movies on widescreen after excluding black bars from top and bottom.

Final Words:

Thus, Apple iPhone 5’s new retina display is, no doubt, awesome and unique. It is simply the best display as compared to all existing smartphones and previous iPhone handsets of Apple.

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