For me , The Best iPhone 5S app for Running will be discussed in this post.

I have started running from last week to loose weight.I have to monitor continuously for my calorie burn. Though the device is showing the calorie burn. I also want to track my wasted calories while walking, cycling and other activities. For this , I found several apps in store. But I found some great app which calculate in good way to trust. The great app I found so Far for my iPhone 5s is :

 Moves for iPhone 5s

It will  automatically track your everyday exercise and life. Just carry your iPhone 5s with your pocket. The best part is you don’t need internet connection. When you are connected to internet then it will automatically calculate calories, places and everything.

Here are the screenshot.

Moves Iphone app for running

Moves Iphone app Moves Iphone 5s app

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