Rapid Leech is a free server transfer / transload script . It is very handy tool for downloading from most of the online file sharing site. Recently I have installed in one of my friend’s server based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. The installation process of this script is too much easier than other script. It doesnot require any database any huge space. Below is the steps what I did to install on the server.

1. Create subdomain/folder as per your requirements in your existing domain.
for e.g . create subdomain as “rapid.nepallica.com” or create subfolder in your domain as “nepallica.com/rapidfoler”.

2. Transfer the downloaded rapidleech script in your document root of subdomain or subfolder. If you havenot downloaded yet, you can get lates version from here.

3.Give 777 permission for all the uploaded files and folders.

Thats all. Now browse your rapidleech on browser as “rapid.nepallica.com”.[I have created subdomain ]

This is index page of rapidleech after installation. For downloading any files, you need to put direct link in  “link to transload” as you see in picture and click on Transload File. The Download files will be stored in files directory. The web interface of downloaded directory will be listed as as shown below.