After the popular domain registrar Godaddy has shown the support for unpopular bill SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) large number of Godaddy users are threatening to transfer their domain from Godaddy to elsewhere. Popular site’s Ben Huh has announced that they will be moving their 1000+ site else where if Godaddy continues to support SOPA.

Currently this domain is hosted in and till now I haven’t faced any problem with them and cheaper in-comparison to other registrars. If you are looking to transfer your domain from godaddy to other registrar this guide might be quite useful.

You can use promo-code “NODADDY” for 10% off transfer ins (COM, NET, ORG, TV, INFO, IN, US, CO, ME & TEL) and also receive 40% off in hosting.

Here is a video on how to move/transfer domain from Godaddy to originally made by

Start transferring your domain from godaddy to

If you are looking for instruction then read our article on how to register domain on using promo code.