All of us are aware of Microsoft Powertoys tool.I never forget to install microsoft powertoys image resizer while I am on windows. No need of introduction for that tool as it works flawlessly in resizing image faster than any other tool present in this universe. Like the same way I wish to have such a powerful tool for my Linux machine(Ubuntu 10.04).  Alternative for Microsoft powertoys image resizer, I found nautilus-image-converter for Linux. Follow my steps for this beautiful application in your running Linux machine.

1.Open your terminal.

2.Install Nautilus Image Converter

  • Type “apt-get install nautilus-image-converter” from root.

3.Restart Nautilus Image Converter

  • Type “nautilus -q; nautilus &”

4. Restart your Linux Machine.

  • Type “poweroff”

Now to run this program/tool just right click image you want to resize. There will see resize image and rotate image option in menu. Choose resize image you will see followin dialogue box.