How to : Play DVDs on Windows 8


The latest version of Microsoft Windows 8 doesn’t have native support for playing DVD. According to some sites, Microsoft decided not tot include built-in support for DVD because new computers – especially tablets and ultrabooks – doesn’t come with DVD drives. Microsoft pays a licensing fee for each copy of Windows that ships with DVD support. You have upgraded your old computer to Windows 8 you will still need DVD support so that you can watch DVDs in your computer. Here is simple tutorial on how to play DVDs on Windows 8.

1. Install 3rd Party software

This is one of the easiest and free alternative. There are lots of free media player that are available in the internet. Some of the popular media players are ,
VLC Player (Opensource & Free)
KMPlayer (Free media player)

Users who are using old computers or laptops will definitely feel lack of native DVD support as obstacle but with the free alternative software this is not a big problem.

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