Facebook is a popular social-networking site with 750 million users worldwide , Everyone has their own view toward Facebook, some say it is essential where as some say it is useless – waste of time. It is easy to deactivate Facebook account, but to delete Facebook profile permanently you need to follow a separate process which is explained below.

First of all, login to your Facebook account and head towards Facebook account deletion page . You will see following dialog .

delete facebook account permanent

Click the “Submit” button and follow the instructions. You will need to put CAPTCHA image and your current password to proceed. After submitting that your account will be submitted for permanent deletion. Now you can live your anti-social life or move toward hi5, Myspace or Google+ .


This will permanently delete your Facebook profile and there is no way to get back your Facebook a/c as it is not like deactivation. After you have submitted the request for deleting your Facebook account, don’t login for 14 days otherwise it will automatically re-activate your Facebook profile.