How to : Google Authorship Rich snippet in Worpress Multi-Author site

add rich snippets authorship multi-author wordpress blog

add rich snippets authorship multi-author wordpress blog

This post will guide you on how to show rich snippets in multi-author wordpress blogs or site. We assume you know how to claim authorship of posts, verified your email but stuck on the multi-author part. If you haven’t you can look at official Google tutorial on rich snippets.

There are two methods,
1. Manual modification
2. Using Plugins

Manual modification includes modifying single.php file and manually solve the problem. This generally includes solving – Warning : Missing Fields error. Detail instruction on troubleshooting these error are covered in previous post : Fix Warning: Missing required field in WordPress.

Second method includes using plugins to tackle the problem of Authorship, specially multi-author worpress site face this problem.
I have found two plugins come handy for solving this issue,

  1. 1. WordPress SEO by Yoast and
  2. 2. AuthorSure plugin


After installing WordPress SEO or AuthorSure, got to “Users” menu in dashboard and edit the user profile. These plugins activate new field named “Google+” , here you have to put the url of your Google+ profile. And on “Biographical Info” (this appears on author box) add this code:
<a href=”https://plus.google.com/118265394300357353537?rel=author”>Google+</a>
(replace Google+ Profile url with your’s. )

Now, go to your theme setting and enable author box under the post. If your setting doesn’t have setting for enabling author box you can do it manually or use Plugin AuthorSure to add it for you. Most of the setting in Authorsure is self-explanatory so I haven’t kept much information regarding setting as you will understand it from setting area itself.

Also, have a look at connection not secure fix for WordPress.

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Fix Google Rich Snippets Errors : Warning: Missing required field in WordPress

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