How to Force Bold / italic text in Adobe Photoshop

How to Force Bold / italic text in Adobe Photoshop

By default, Adobe Photoshop gives bold and italics options only when the font developer has included these formatting styles in font itself. Because of this you cannot apply bold and italic format if the font developer hasn’t included these styles. This post will deal with tutorial on how to force / fake bold in Adobe Photoshop. You can force photoshop to apply bold or italic font formatting using faux option, which is somewhat like hidden feature. First of all, you need to open character palette, click the button on the type tool options bar to show it. Now select the text and click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the palette menu. There you’ll find Faux Bold and Faux Italics. These are also known as fake bold / italic in simple language.

You can use these option to force bold or italics in text. These options are available in Photoshop 6 or higher. I have used Adobe Photoshop CS4 for this work and here are some screen-shots to guide you.

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