How to Find Facebook App ID and App Secret key ?

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Facebook have recently developed official “Facebook” plugin for WordPress which helps in tight integration of  WordPress CMS and largest social networking site Facebook. To you use this plugin you need to have Facebook App ID and App Secret Key. If you are confused how to find Facebook App ID or Secret key then this post will guide you. Getting these ID and Key is really a simple process and free as well.

You must have Facebook account to have these, I guess you already have you online presence in Facebook. First of all navigate to developer page of Facebook, the developer page can accessed through url : https://developers.facebook.com/apps.

Now click on “create app” button to get started. After that fill in the required field and you are ready to get started. You have any problem on understanding these fields just hover your mouse over “?” icon and info regarding it will popup. Facebook App ID and Secret key are also needed to use Open Graph of Facebook.

Profile ID or Page ID is another important things required besides, App ID and secret key. We have covered about this topic in your previous post titled : How to Find Facebook Profile ID. 

These app ID and app secret key are meant to be kept secret and to be shared with only with those who are working with the site. So make sure these doesn’t goes to the hand of outsiders specially hackers as they can use it to manipulate you actions.

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