How to : Convert swf to movie file in high quality

How to : Convert swf to movie file in high quality

Adobe Flash is one of the popular software used for animation purpose. .SWF is file exported from Adobe Flash. Generally quality of images in swf file is high but swf is not generally accepted movie format and can be played by Flash player only. Exporting avi or movie file from swf causes loss in quality.

There are lots of free and paid sofware that can help you convert swf to movie but most of them convert to movie file by recording screen and generally cause loss in quality. After searching a bit I finally found the suitable software named “Swivel”. Swivel takes an SWF file and exports a video at any desired resolution, complete with audio and no dropped frames!swivel

The software is free and is available for Windows XP & Mac OS X PC. Swivel is developed by Newgrounds community and works pretty well. The is no loss in exported video and video is smooth as well.
You can download the software and read instruction from :

Video below is on of the video converted from swf to movie file. Since it is re-encoded there is some loss in quality.


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