How to : Configure Google apps Email on Cloudflare

How to : Configure Google apps Email on Cloudflare

Google apps email service is a popular choice among the webmasters. Using Google Apps’ email service webmasters can get custom [email protected] email address. Using custom email address will make site look professional and increase the brand power. In previous post we have already posted how site performance can be boosted using cloudflare. Using cloudflare you can also make your site compatible with IPv6, clicking few buttons.This post will show an instruction on how to configure MX records for Google apps email service on Cloudflare.

First of all login to you cloudflare account and go to DNS setting for your domain and add these MX records,

PriorityMail Server

Be sure to put your domain name before each mail server. For more clarification, screenshot of nepallica’s setting is added below.

dns cloudflare settings google email mx records

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