close amazon aws account

Amazon AWS service is not new for many, most of the people are using amazon AWS for s3 storage or as CDN. Though many people use it, I prefer not to use it because of it cost and move towards other alternatives. So I decided to permanently close of  Amazon AWS account. But it was really frustrating experience for me to  find a link to cancel my account. After hours of searching I finally found out how to cancel Amazon AWS account.close amazon aws account


First of all, go to and click “Manage Your Account” link in the menu.













Scroll down and you will find ‘Cancel selected Service’ and ‘Cancel your AWS Account’, since I wanted to Cancel the account: I pressed “Cancel Your AWS Account” button.Or you can also go to this url directly.


You will get a confirmation text telling “Cancelling your AWS account will eliminate access to all your current products and services. Please confirm your account cancellation request to continue.”

Press the button ‘Yes, Cancel my AWS Account’, and your Amazon AWS account will be permanently closed !!