facebook like box popup script

Facebook is now must have and popular platform for blogger. With the increase in number of likes, we can drive traffic easily by sharing url of the article published. So we have also have high priorities for facebook fanbase. There are many strategies for increasing likes such as ads, sharing facebook page in your website erc . Among these various method to increase likes for your facebook page. We are implementing the method of Facebook like box Popup. To do this many plugins are available in official wordpress plugin store. But we are not using any plugins for adding pop up box for wordpress powered website, so this can be used in sites using different CMS. Here are the simple steps that we did in one of our website.

1.Copy and Paste  code in your header.php of wordpress theme file.

Download Code.

You must put the code below just after <html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”> in header.php of the theme you are using


kakinetworkdotcom01title="Join us at Facebook!",

Note: Replace nepallic with your page’s name. Our facebook page url is “http://facebook.com/nepallic”

You should see pop up box like in this website.

facebook like box popup script

[Thanks kakiheboh.com for such an awesome tool]

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