skype free credit 1 hour

Hotspot shield is best know open vpn software browsing internet annoynomously . I have been using hotspot shield from many years ago to browse blocked sites either in office , school and other. Hotspot is give free credit of 1 hour to its valued user of worth € 1.20. If you are active skype user this small credit might worth million to you. Follow the below steps to get free credits.

1.Download Hotspot shield from their site.

2. Run hotspot shield and be sure you are connected.

3. Go through :

If you are not connected with hotspot shield above link might not work. So make sure are browsing internet via Hotspot shield.The you will be able to screen shot as below. Now Click on get your free voucher now.

skype free credit 1 hour













4.Now you will see your Skype Credit Voucher Code as :

hotspot shield skype reedem










5. Click on Go to skype and you will prompt to enter voucher code like :

reedeem voucher








6. Now you can see your skype credit as below:

skype credit free




7.Try calling any number from  skype.

Cheers :-) You have earned free skype credit.


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