Google server Nepal

Google server NepalIn co-operation with Nepal Telecom Authority (NTC) ,search engine giant Google has installed cache server in Nepal. Telecom official speaking to Nagarik News (Nepal) revealed that the servers are still in testing phase and will be extended after successful testing in Nepal. Nearly after five months of continuous effort from NTC, the search engine giant has decided to install its servers in Nepal.According to source, Google’s cache server has been installed in Nepal Telecom office – Jawalakhel. With the installation of Google’s cache server in Nepali users can use Google’s services such as Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google+ faster than before and internet bandwidth use of NTC also has been decreased.  Previously, NTC had installed Akamai Technologies server which made access to Microsoft and Yahoo services in Nepal easier. The cost of installing the server in Nepal is paid by Google itself.

Currently, sites like Facebook, Youtube, Gmail are consuming the majority of NTC’s bandwidth to decrease NTC’s bandwidth expense NTC installed Google’s cache server in Nepal. To decrease excessive bandwidth use by Facebook, NTC is planning to start a social-networking site on its own called NT Chautari.

Youtube videos being served from Google Server in Nepal