Gaijatra Festival Bhaktapur – Cow Festival (Photo Feature)

Gaijatra Festival of Bhaktapur , Nepal also called Cow Festival is one of the most famous and also crazy Festival of Nepal . This is celebrated in July/ August. Gaijatra stands for Gai=Cow and Jatra=Festival . Thus Gaijatra =Cow Festival. This festival is celebrated to remark the departed person of the same year wishing them for Rest In Peace.A Pyramidal shaped portrait which we call “Sancha” is made in the remembrance of demised person and is made round in major cities to . At evening “Sancha” made of straw showed round the city and festival is declared finished.

Gaijatra Day is also called Saparu.

Here we have featured some Photos from Gaijatra Festival

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Bhaktapur Gaijatra Festival -Youths Playing Ghintang Gisi

Also See Few Shots from Gaijatra Kirtipur here.

Gaijatra Festival Kirtipur Nepal


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