Most of you might know about the free domain provider, it started giving free domain with simple url redirection with ads slowly it removed it’s ads and now they have started to give free DNS service like , . With you can register 3 domain per account but with .tk you can get unlimited number of accounts. Here is the brief process on how to use/configure DNS in

After you login to .tk control panel choose add domain ( if you don’t have ) then in 2nd step choose “Free domain” as option paid domain are available for 6.95$ per year with extra features. Then put the name server of your hosting at by choosing “Use DNS for this domain” > “Use my own DNS service” . You can leave IP place blank or n/a .
In order to keep your .tk domain active you must get 25 hits per 90 days other wise your domain will get removed

If you don’t have account in , click here to sign up.