Free AutoTune VST alternative For Windows, Linux & Mac

Free AutoTune VST alternative For Windows, Linux & Mac

Auto-tune is one of the popular commercial pitch correction software used in production of well known songs we hear now. Auto-tune is currently used in production of almost every song (specially pop), if you want to test auto-tune or want to use it in your musical project may-not be able to afford it’s high cost or may be out of your budget. So we have decided to list some free Auto-tune alternative VST software for Windows,Linux and Mac. Like Autotune these software are pitch correction software that automatically corrects the tune.

gsnap free autotune alternative vst1. GSnap (Windows) is one of the first free alternative to Auto-Tune, it is small in size, easy .to use and packed with all necessary features. Setting it up for the fist time can be a bit confusing but after some use you will get used to head. A tutorial on using GSnap to get T-Pain Vocal effect is given below.

2. MAutoPitch (Windows,Mac) is a another free pitch correction program. It’s fully automatable, and uses low CPU, packed with lots features and has clean user interface.

3. KeroVee(Windows) is another awesome free pitch correction VST plugin. It’s last update features improved pitch correction algorithm and a neat Pitch Graph.

4. Autotalent (Windows,Linux,Mac) is an open-source LADSPA plugin. It isa real-time pitch correction plugin. You have to first specify the notes that a singer is allowed to hit, and Autotalent makes sure that they do not.

Most of the software mentioned above has not been updated since a long time but these work like charm and tutorials on it can be found on internet and youtube. If you have another recommendations for free pitch correction software then mention those in comment below. You can also check our post regarding “Free FL Studio Alternative


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