How to Fix Sleep Mode not Working on Windows 7 and 8 (Lid Closed)

How to Fix Sleep Mode not Working on Windows 7 and 8 (Lid Closed)

I own Sony Vaio Laptop in genuine windows 7 installed. I have been using this laptop for last two years and was working smoothly. I have never restored my laptop also. I don’t know which software conflicts with the sleep mode of my Laptop. But I don’t want to remove all the software installed also.

When I close my lid after I finish my work in school and come back. I really don’t want to start up my laptop. So the problem is when i close the lip the laptop automatically goes for shutdown. Thus when i open my lid then widows says that windows was shutdown properly which is not mean to be.

I was going through this problem for last 2 weeks and fed up searching in internet and talked with Sony viao online chat support. Though there are so many solutions listed on web nothing worked for me. I tried searching and implementing solutions for 2 weeks and didn’t worked.Most of the solution stated the changing option in power option which is quite useless in these situations. I have correct settings in power settings also and tried changing default settings also. Everything was useless.

Working solution for Me.
The working solution I found after lot of search is very simple and work perfectly.

Sleep Mode not working in windows 7 Fixed

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