Find Look-a-like celebrity or person of you

Find Look-a-like celebrity or person of you

Earth is a big placelook a like , and there is possibility that there are some people who looks like you or you look like some celebrities . Manual search for your look a like would be a hard option. With the help of the technology you can easily find out the look a like people . Here are some sites that offers face recognizance technology to find a look a like of you.

Face recolonization technology is one of the new innovation which and analyze the face and compare it with faces of other human.

A search engine of face, upload your photo and you are part of face search. When you upload your picture it will search with whom you face match.

Myheritage Celebrity college scans your photo uploaded and try to match it with the celebrities , you have to download their toolbar to use it but you can use it without download toolbar just go to this link.

If it worked you can share your result here, for me both of them didn’t work may be I am unique .


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